The Welcome Message

Welcome to This is a friendly place you can come to for some help in math. Here you will find instructional videos grouped by grade level and topic that demonstrate common problems you will see in class and on standardized exams.

The Technical Stuff

Our videos appear in Windows Media Video (wmv) and Apple Quicktime Video (mov) formats. They also appear here on the site in a streamable format via hosting at We have also established a YouTube Channel that has all of our videos, which is accessible by a button in the menu.

The videos on this site were created using Smart Technologies SmartBoards and Smart Notebook. They were then edited and encoded for quick and easy access on the web.

Who Are We?

We are Mr. Joseph Buro and Mr. Vincent Viola, two New York City Department of Education teachers. We teach 8th Grade Mathematics at Totten Intermediate School - I.S. 34. Our class websites are accessible through buttons in the menu.

The Coaster Monkey Style

The vast and mysterious world of Mathematics is inherently interesting, as long as you are not being tested on something you just learned last week. Unfortunately, most of the time math classes have to move along at a relentless pace that can cause valuable information to become lost in the mix.

Like any teacher in any subject area or grade level, Mr. Viola and Mr Buro continously seek new and effective ways of conveying information to our students. Sometimes we bring our personal interests into the classroom to serve as a vessel that carries instructional material to them in a way that is valuabe, understandable, and enjoyable.

Mr. Buro enjoys an Island lifestyle: Today is Hawaiian Shirt Day... Tomorrow is Hawaiian Shirt Day. Inflatable palm trees, bad monkeys that touch Smart Boards, flamingos. His classroom lies just a few hundred feet from the coast of Staten Island, yet it is no beach-front property. It is actually a subterranean converted graphic arts shop. It's a great place, loved by both Mr. Buro and his students. Without the Island theme, it is a hollow shell of a learning environment. Stop by and say hi!

Mr. Viola enjoys Roller Coasters and Special Sandwiches: If you walk into Mr. Viola's classroom it takes a few minutes to take it all in. You will see posters of Great Adventure attractions and sandwiches from the land of the golden arches. You will also see the most diverse and colorful display of all forms of student work hanging from walls, closets, and string. His Smart Board wallpaper will undoubtably display the lastest photograph of a Roller Coaster he has recently been on. You will also see a rather impressive trophy depicting a realistic representation of Mr. Viola given to him to recognize his excellence in teaching.

CoasterMonkey.Net: Hawaiian shirts, roller coasters, monkeys, and special sandwiches are just the surface of what will be a very comprehensive library of information. Come back often!

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